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Plants are green and earth is blue, why ur so nice to me i want a clue, What ever may be the resone like u , b’coz in world like this, i will never get a friend like you!

MY friendship is just like a rubber band, It is too flexible, Stretch it as much as u can, but if u leave it,it ‘ll hurt u a lot, really a lot!

The better you know someone, the less there is to say.Or maybe, there’s less that needs to be said.

Most people enjoy the inferiority of their best friends.

One day Love asked friendship “Y R U in the world when i am here?
Friendshipsmiled and said “to spread smiles where u leave tears”

All men have one refuge, a good friend, with whom you can weep and know that he does not smile.

I remember the day
I remember the day when we met.I remember everything like those chats,ice-creams, chocolate’s & fast foods. I remember the day for long walk.I remember those sharing & joy. But those days r gone.i really miss I’m not there to hug u.but i want to wish u HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY

My heart’s like an open book,
It depends on how u read me.
Don”t judge me by my cover..
Look in and discover..
I will be ur True friend
For ever…

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