10 Cool Text Sms

I opened my wallet,
Found it empty,
Searched my pocket & found few coins,
Searched my heart & i found u,
Then i realized how rich i’m 2 hav u…

I want go back to that time When getting high Meant on ‘’swing When mom was The only hero When dad’s shoulders Were the highest place on earth When worst enemies Were ur ‘’siblings When the only thing That could hurt u, were ‘’skinned knees When the only things Broken were ur toys & When good byes only Meant till tomorrow

There are no secrets to success.
It is the result of preparation,
Hard work, learning from failure.

I may not beThe most important person in your life…ButI just hope thatOne day whenYou hear my nameYou would just
Smile & say“hey that’s my friend”

If “special” means lovings,caring & dear,
If ”special” means thoughtful too &
If ”special” means tender,gentle & kind,
Then special surely means u !

My friendship is just like a rubber band,
It is too flexible,
Stretch it as much as u can,
But if u leave it,
It’ll hurt u a lot,
Really a lot!

Life is a journey that is not meant to be made safely.
I want to live my life in a way
That when i get really old,
I look back at my life and say:
Aah i lived it, not survived it.

If u can solve ur problem,
Then whats the need of worrying?
If u cant solve it,
Then what is the use of worrying?
Good luck!

Happiness as light as air
Love as deep as ocean
Friends as solid as dimonds
And success as bright as gold
These are my wishes for you
Today and everyday.

To luv some1 is madness,
2b loved by some1 is a gift,
Loving some1 who loves u is a duty,
But being loved by some1 whom u luv is life.

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