Birthday Messages for Granddaughter

My hugs and kisses will always be bigger and warmer than all the stuffed toys you will ever have. Happy birthday.

You innocent love heals our heart. Your cuteness drives headaches away. Your sweet voice cures out pains. With a granddaughter like you, we’ll never need a doctor. Happy birthday.

If I was given the chance to live my life all over again, I would want to live it the exact same way so that I can become a grandfather to you again. Happy birthday cuteness.

The most beautiful woman in my life was your grandmother – until I saw you. Happy birthday angel.

Granddaughters are meant to fill empty boxes in the crossword of life. Happy birthday.

I will always have a limitless supply of three things for you in life – advice, love and cookies. Happy birthday baby.

I always thought that my daughter was the smartest woman in the world, until you proved me wrong. Happy birthday.

You are my daughter’s daughter and I am your mother’s mother. That means you will give me double the love and I will give you double the advice. Happy birthday.

Grand Daughter A close and happy family shares so many things but none could be more special; than the joy Grand Daughter brings.

To a special Grand Daughter
You are loved so much
Grand daughter, you are loved so much.
It’s impossible to say all the things we want to tell you
is just a single day.
You bring such special happiness
to those whose lives you touch
so it should come as no surprise that you are loved so much.

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