Ten Advice Text Sms

Give me money, not advice.

Give neither advice nor salt, until you are asked for it.

Giving advice to a stupid man is like giving salt to a squirrel.

Giving advice to the ignorant is like the rain falling on muddy ground.

Go put your creed into the deed, Nor speak with double tongue.

Go to friends for advice; to women for pity; to strangers for charity; to relatives for nothing.

Good Advice If your best friends feeling tearful Try not to be too cheerful. Just let her fill your ear full Of sad tales by the score. And when she is through Shell feel as good as new. Now youll be feeling blue. But thats what friends are for!

Good advice is always certain 2 b ignored, bt thats no reason not to give it.

Good advice is as good as an eye in the hand.

Good advice is beyond all price.

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