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My friend Ur words r ANTIBIOTICS, Ur smile is ANALOGESIC,
Ur touch is ANTI-INFLAMTORY, Ur presence is ANTISEPTIC,
Ur SMS is ANTI-PYRETIC.. That’s why i never fall ill:)

Thy friendship oft has made my heart to ache; do be my enemy — for friendship’s sake.

The love of our neighbor in all its fullness simply means being able to say, “What are you going through?

A person who has no friends,lives only half way.

Yes, old friends is always best, ‘less you can catch a new one that’s fit to make an old one out of.

Be slow in choosing a friend & slower while loosing them
Bcoz friendship is not an opportunity its a sweet rsponsibility.

I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar.

I have liked many but loved very few.yet no-one has been as sweet as u.I’d stand and wait in the worlds longest queue.just for the pleasure of a moment with u.

Gud relationz doesn’t need any promises, any terms or conditions…….
It just need two wonderful people.
One Cool like me…One Sweet like u…HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY

If roses were black and violets were brown, my love for you would never b found but roses r red and violets are blue, all i want to say is i love u!

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