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The four hardest tasks are:
To return love for hate;
To include the Excluded;
To Forgive Without Apology;
and to be able to say, “I WAS WRONG”

When God pushes U 2 the edge of difficulty, Trust him fully….
Because only 2 things can happen either he will catch u when u fall, or he will teach u how to fly.

There are two kinds of fools in this world. Those who give advise and those who don’t take it.

There are two kinds of failures. Those who think and never do, and those who do and never think.

Those who don’t make mistakes usually don’t make anything

A seed while growing makes no sound. A tree when falling makes huge noise. Destruction shouts, but creation is always quiet. Be quiet, achieve more.

Five things never come back,
The spoken words..
The wasted Time..
The Past life..
The lost Love..
The Neglected Opportunity..
So Think twice, Act wise!

For everyone I know who is going through hard times, I wish you the serenity you need. Find your inner self and seek the closure you need to live your life freely.

To be most successful in life, always forget the problems that u faced in life, but never forget the lessons that those problems taught you…

When Nails Are Growing We Cut Our Nails,
Not Fingers.
Similarly When Ego Is Rising ?
WE Should Cut Ego !
Not Relations

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