Encourage Thoughts

A Very True Thought:
“Victory is always at our feet”
“But the problems is that we are lazy to bend”…!

Never get upset if u take more time to get success than others!
A Pyramid takes more time to build than an ordinary Building!!

Every successful man in this world has failed as many times as you have , so you are not far from victory

The Size of Candle May differ but they Yield the same brightness.
Its not the matter of your position, but your ability that Shines forever!

Discipline is the refining fire which makes all ur talent into ability to achieve ur goal in a SMART way..

Do more then belong – participate
Do more then care – help
Do more then believe – practice
Do more then fair – be kind
Do more then forgive – forget
Do more then dream – work

Some succeed because they are destined to,but most succeed because they are determined to


The thing always happens………
that you really believe in.
and the belief in a thing……..
makes it happen

The first requisite for success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to on problem incessantly without growing weary.

Given any condition anyone is in, good or bad, a man has only two choices to make: Change the condition or Adapt to it
One Machine can do the Work of 50 Ordinary Men.No Machine can do the Work of one Extra Ordinary Man.

Do you know that the darkest time of the day is the minute before sunrise?
So when you feel you are at the darkest moment in your life,remember that sunrise is just a minute away!

All the right things are not always possible and all the possible things are not always right.
so, be true to both your mind and heart then you will never go wrong…

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