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All fingers are not same in length,but when they bend .all stand equal. life becomes very easy wen we bend and adjust to situation.

Every problem is like a big door.Surely there is a solution like a small key which can open it easily.Find the key.Life is simple.

Nothing can be changed by changing the face….
but everything can be changed by facing the change…..!!!!
so go ahead and life is yours…..!!

Thought for the life:
“Don’t decrease your goal to the extent of your ability.
Increase your ability to the extent of your goal”…

The biggest fact of life:”You are remembered only when u r needed” As it goes in the saying “A candle comes to mind only during power cut” Very true but fact…

Theory of life if you want to enjoy always think today is the first day but if u want to achieve sum thing always thing today is the last day.

Life is like flute!
May have several holes and emptiness
But if we work on it,the same flute produces magical melodies,
Think positive It makes wonder.

Utilize 5 chances b4 5 stages in life.
– Youth b4 old age.
– Health b4 disease.
– Wealth b4 poverty.
– Free time b4 work.
– Life b4 death.

Nothing is old, nothing is new..
It just a matter of point of view..
Enjoy life as happy days r few..
Coz if life is an ocean then happy moments are like dew.. 🙂

Life is beauty full admire it, life is a duty, complete it. life is a struggle, accept it. life is a challenge, meet it, life is what you make it, so start today.

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