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” Life is like a flowing river of opportunities “Its upto you to stand up with a bucket or spoon.”

True fact of life:
When u need ADVICE everyone is ready to HELP u..but when u need HELP everyone is ready to ADVICE u..

Seven Phases Of Life 1 Studies 2 Games 3 Entertainment 4 Love 5 6 7 Life Ends When Love Starts…!

Life is too short.
If we work Good.
If we work Bad.
In both cases life will
SO if we work good than
we are died peacefully.

,;*;*;, *( “._.” )* >”)(“< ,,,(")("),, I Pray You Be Safe, You Be Happy,Every Second, Every Minute, Every Hour, Everyday Of Ur Life.

Everyone knows about Alexandr Grahambell who invented phone
But he never made a cal to his family,
bcoz his wife & daughter were deaf.
That’s Life.

To Taste The Sweetness Of Life You Must Have The Power To Forget The Past & Life Is Too Late Live Today….

In the Book of life,
The Page Yesterday is over,
The Page future is blank,
And Page today is being written.
So write the best U can,
Because on this Book,eraser doesn’t work.

Everyday is special
if you THINK so.
Every moment is memorable
if you FEEL so.
Everyone is unique
if you SEE so.
Life is Beautiful
if you LIVE so.

Don’t accept others definition of life.
Its your life,define it yourself,the way you love it to be;
Be urself bcoz none knows about u better than u….

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benjy says:

nice. worth the read.


nice sms’s i like this kind of sms

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Suraj says:

heart tuch sms.

My Ms.WORLD says:

I forget to take breath whenever i seeing you in smiling face.

Shoab Khan says:

these words are very meaningful i love it

Mahi says:

Suprb Messages….

sruthi says:

grat <3<3<3 these quotes

shanthi.M says:

vr nice sms i like this kind of sms

Awsm sms i like it says:

Awsm sms i like it,

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Very nice sms’s i like this

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