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L I V E T O G E T H E R What Did U Read? Live Together Or Live To Gather Or Live To Get Her. Just A Beautiful Way to Say LIFE Is The Way How U Look At It…

Life Is Like A River Which Has Many Turns So Enjoy Every Turn Because These Turns Never Returns..!!!

Life Is Like Cotton Don’t Make It Heavier By Sinking It In Water Of Sorrow, But Make It Lighter By Letting It Blow In The Wind Of Joy!!!

Life is a mirage and reality,
You see and feel only what you want to,
when you see beyond the mirage,
reality comes out which is very painful..
so be strong cross the mirage and face’ll be with you till your end……

3 Steps To Enjoy Life Just Three Steps To Enjoy Life : Ctrl + Alt + Del 1. Control Yourself 2. Look For Alternate Solution. 3. Delete The Situation Which Gives You Tension.

Facts Of Life Never Get Too Attached To Anyone, Because Attachments Always Lead To Expectations & Expectations Always Lead To Disappointments.

Good Thoughts About Life:-

The most destructive habit : Worry

The greatest joy : Giving

The greatest problem to overcome : Fear

The most powerful force in life : Love

The most incredible computer : The human brain

The deadliest weapon : The tongue

The greatest asset : Faith

The worst thing you can lose : Self-respect

The most satisfying work : Helping others

The most beautiful attire : A smile!

The most crippling disease : Excuses

The most powerful communication : Prayer

The Shortest Solution Of Every Problem Is To Minimize The Distance b/w Ur Knees & Floor Those Who Knee Down To GOD Can Stand Up For Anything In Life.

Never Reject A Day In Ur LIFE Bcoz Good Day Gives Us Happiness & Bad Day Gives Us Experience…. Both Are Essential To LIFE SO Enjoy EVERYDAY…………

Life’s problems wouldn’t be called “hurdles” if there wasn’t a way to get over them.

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