Sorry SMS

What I Did Was Foolish & Impulsive
If I Cud Take It All Back I’d Do This So Instant
I Truly Didn’t Mean To Hurt You In Any Way
I’m Sorry For Hurting You

know I’ve hurt u…
I didn’t mean to.
I am so sorry…
Please forgive me!

if i have ever done a mistake,
4give me thinking that it was a mistake…
and don’t ever 4get me even by a mistake….

A Good Apology has 3 Parts – 1)
I m Sorry.. 2) It’s my Fault.. 3) How
do I make it right? well..
unfortunately, A Lot of people
usually miss the 3rd part..

saying sorry is the purest cure of
all heart aches and heart breaks
Admit to yourself that you have
done wrong and say sorry. It does
not only touches the heart but
also touches the soul. It’s the
greatest thing to do that will give
you the greatest feeling to enjoy. 🙂

How can I begin to say I`m sorry
I didn’t mean to upset you.
I hope that you can forgive me
I’m sorry.

Be the first one to say Sorry when
the other person seems to be hurt
because of U & Be the 1st one to
forgive if a Person says Sorry to U!

It is easy to look back,
self-indulgently, feeling pleasantly
sorry for oneself and saying I didn’t
have this and I didn’t have that.
But it is only the grown woman
regretting the hardships of a little
girl who never thought they were
hardships at all. She had the
things that really mattered.

We love our self even after making so many mistakes.
Then how can we hate others 4 their small mistakes?
Strange but true! So make habit of FORGIVING.

Don’t get confused ,oh dear SORRY means:
O->One Is,
Have A wonderful day….

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2 Responses on “Sorry SMS”

Umar Faiz says:

The smallest word I know is ….. I♥♥♥♥
The sweetest word I know is ….. miss♥♥♥♥
& the person I never forget is….. you♥♥♥♥

♥♥ I miss you so much.♥♥

raj sroye says:

i love my india

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