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Life is Not finding yourself . . . . . It’s about Creating Yourself

To Handle Yourself, Use your Head To Handle Others, Use Your Heart.

WAR Doesn’t Determine Who Is RIGHT, It Only Determines Who Is LEFT.

“To get something u never had, u have to do something, u never did !”

The Trouble With Being Punctual Is That Nobody’s There To Appreciate It.

The Best Way To Succeed In Life Is To Act On The Advice We Give To Others.

Be Nice to People On Your way Up Because You Will Need Them On Your Way Down.

” Do not go into something to test the Waters , Go into things to make Waves ”

“Those who r most slow in making Promises r d most Faithful in Fulfilling it..”

Don’t think how many moments in your life, just think how much life is there in a moment.

“Who Don’t Ask For His Needs From His GOD . . He Will Always Ask His Needs From Everyone.”

“Forget The Mistakes Of The Past And Press On To The Greater Achievements Of The Future.”

”One Of The Best Victories You Can Gain Over Someone Is To Beat Them At Politeness … ”

Pay no Mind to those Who talk behind your back,It simply means that You are two steps ahead.

Worries are like birds, let them fly over you. But, don’t make them build a nest on your head.

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sukhpreet says:

i wanna thank all of posters who post such a valuable quots to views other & also very thankful to this site who provide a space for posting & readings………. thanks a lots

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