Smile SMS Messages

Rose is Famous 4 Grace…
Advocate is Famous 4 his Case…
Horses r Famous 4 Race…
But u r Famous 4 Smile on Ur Face…!
So keep smiling forever…….

Smile For The Ones You Love…
A Simple Smile Is All It Takes To Make One Happy…
Love Can Come In Many Different Ways, Shapes n Sizes …
But A Simple Smile Will Conquer Everything …
And Leave The Best Of Us Speechless …
So smile always

In the morning,
sun gazes at me to make me happy…
Cool breeze hugs me to see my smile…
Birds sings to make me smile….
But my dear,
They don’t know that
my smile is incomplete until
I remember your face…

Emotions don’t have words,
Wishes don’t have scripts,
If u smile, world is with u,
Otherwise even a drop of tear doesn’t like to stay with u..
So keep smiling!! 🙂

If you worry about a trouble it becomes double
but when you smile at it, it disappears like a bubble
so always smile at your problem.
keep smiling

“A single lovable smile is a proper key for many solutions and many confusions…!”
“So express your cute smile every moment”

A Pure heart person can have a
wonderful smile that even make
his Enemy to feel Guilty for being
his enemy. Keep smiling forever…..

Smile is not single is beautiful sentence.
so always keep smiling.

Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”
thatz the way of life
keep smiling ..

Hi! am sending U a cheque of Rs.
SMILE/- withdraw it whenever U R
upset, otherwise keep it as a
balance 4evr in ur life.., KEEP SMiLing..

Do u know the relation between smile and your face?
Your face looks good with a smile but smile looks more good when it is on your face…So keep smiling.

Cute lines..!!
Don’t Depress urself in any moment of life.
Live it with a face full of smile.
Y waste time crying when u know u r here just for a while…!

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MAXLU says:


agnes says:

thank i have smile at the end of weak thank 2 God

Fideris says:

Smile is crazy

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