10 SMS Of Rose Day

“Actual meaning of giving rose to someone:- R= Rare O=One S=Supporting E=Entire Life.”
Happy Rose Day!

“Morning is Lucky, because Sun is the, Sky is Lucky, because it has Star, Rose is Lucky, because she is Beautiful, I am Lucky, because you are my Friend.”
Happy Rose Day!

“When i ask God for a rose, & he gave me flowers. I ask God for an angel, & he gave me the best love ever!”
Happy Rose Day!

“I looked at a sweet, beautiful rose, and then I looked at you
and I kept looking at you, for the rose isn’t as beautiful as you.”
Happy Rose Day!

“Hope you found this a special rose! with love and care for the one you chose.”
Happy Rose day!

“The Rose Speaks of Love Silently, in a language known only to the Heart.”
Happy Rose Day!

“Be soft as flower Be strong as rock Be nice as me I know its difficult But just keep trying Be fresh as Rose.”
Happy Rose Day!

“The Rose Speaks of Love Silently,in a language known only to the Heart.”
Happy Rose Day Sweetheart!

“A Single Rose for u for being in my life,Thank you so much to complete my Life.Happy Rose Day.”
Happy Rose Day!

“R is for Red, Red is for Blood, Blood is for Heart, Heart is for Love, Love is for You, You’re for Me Forever.”
Happy Rose Day Dear!

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