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A Relation Is Not How Long U have Been together,
not How Much U Give Or Take
not How Many Times U Talk 2 Each Other,
its All About How much u value each other..

To Love Without CONDITION..
To Talk Without INTENTION..
To Give Without REASON..
To Care Without EXPECTATIONS..
Is The Art Of True RELATION..

1 stone is enuf to break a glass,
1 sentence is enuf to break a heart,
1 second is enuf to fall in luv..
1 sms is enuf to keep relation in touch..

Sacrifice is greater than love,
character is greater than beauty,
humanity is greater than wealth,
nothing is greater than gud relation so maintain it:-)

Do u know about the things which live after death?
Heart- 0 min
relatiOn ship-4ever..

Relationship is like a book , it may take few seconds to burn but years to write.
Write it carefully and Never let it burn.

Apologizing doesnโ€™t mean..That You are wrong & The Other One is right..
It also at times means That You Value The Relationship much more Than Your Ego..!

Relations don’t necessarily mean finding similarities..
Its just about Respecting Differences…! (:

Relationships are very precious, take care of them,
because it is most painful for you,
when a person “U Know” becomes,
a person
“U Knew”..!

you can kiss Your “Family & Frnds” good-bye
Put miles b/w You,
But at the same time
You carry Them with You
in Your heart, mind & stomach,
“You don’t just live in a world but a world lives in You” =)

” The minute you think of giving up any relation,
Think of the reason why you held it for so long..! ”
Good Nite
Have A Nice Night.

A relationship
Duzn’t shine
By jst shaking hands
In best times
It blossoms
By holding hands firmly
In critical situation
GoOd A.M =]
Have a Blessed Day

On The Sea Shores Of Life
All Good Relations r Like Waves
They Come & Go
They Touch In Such A Way
A Feeling Of Closeness Remains Forever

Relation And Bone Are Same, When Both Cracked And Get Repaired Correctly They Are More Powerful
If Not Correctly, They Are Lost Their Worth…

Learn The Wisdom Of Compromise …
It’s Better To Bend A Little
Rather Than
To Break A Relationship Forever …

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Rohail says:

wonderful…aosmmmmmm site

Aurangzaib zaibi says:

i like it
touching heart
You learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry………..

asratu mekonenn says:

it the best!!!
keep it up!!

Prakash says:

All messages are really awesome.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rohini says:

Superb site to surf ๐Ÿ™‚

Sandeep says:

heart touching msgs…really awesome..!!

pankhudi says:

superbbbbbbbb msgs

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