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Relationship doesnt get closer by meetings, but it is sweetend byy THOUGHT I care for u in my own STRANGE ways. May be you will never know, May be I will never show.

Relationship is like a book,
It takes only few seconds to burn.
But it takes years to print,
So print it very carefully and never let it burn.

Relationship is like a garden. its beautiful when watered with love , hugs, tears & cheers but it dries up when untouched , SO DO KEEP IN TOUCH ALWAYS .

No matter how bad you are,
You are not totally useless….
You can still be used

Respect The Love You Get From A Special Person In Your Life Or Else You Will Have To Face A Day Where You Would Lose Both The Love And The Special Person.

Respect those people
who find time for you in their time table,
But Love those
who don’t consult their time tables when you need them.

Saying “I did not find time” shows you did not WISH to do it.

See that you are needed to atleast one person in life.

Shoot for the moon… cause even if you miss you will end up in the stars – Les Brown.

Show appreciation of the smallest services by your loved ones and employees.

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