Kiss SMS

Kissing you baby is my dream;
If I am a strawberry, you are the cream;
Slowly and gently, I kiss you;
And you simply melt and fulfill my dreams!

Kiss me and you will see stars;
Love me and I will give them to you.

A kiss is special thing that you can cant take without giving, and you cant give without taking.
Let’s exchange ours!

Just bring your cheek close to the mobile.
A little closer…
A little more closer…
The right cheek…
Looks good.
OK. That’s perfect!
thanks for the beautiful kiss!

Excellent Saying:
The best things in life;
Can never be kept;
They must be given away.
A smile, love & a kiss.

Kissing is very beneficial for lips. It keeps the lips:
Soft, Moist, Supple and medically proven to benefit us.
So keep KISSING regularly!

The fluffy cloud may kiss the sky;
The rose may kiss a butterfly;
The morning dew may kiss the grass;
But you my friend may kiss my lips!

Life is a gift of nature;
Love is a gift of life;
And a kiss is the gift of love.
I am simply longing for you lips!

If loving was against the law;
And kissing was a crime;
I would gladly spend my life with you in prison doing time!

If a kiss could say just how much I love you, my lips would be on yours forever!

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