Kiss Text SMS

Please give me a
K: Kindhearted
I: Implant to
S: Stimulate my
S: Senses

I’ll give you:
One kiss to go to sleep;
Two kisses to dream about me;
And endless row of kisses when you wake up in the morning.
Always thinking of stealing some kisses from you!

Kissing is the finest and the shortest way to burn calories and to show your love and affection.
So keeping kissing to remain healthy, lovable and cheerful!

Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.

I just want to kiss you all over, smile and laugh out loud with you!

Your lips + My lips = Perfection

I really hate missing you. I rather be kissing you.

Benefits of Kissing:
– Changes Taste
– Burns Calories
– Lips never go dry
– Relieves Stress
– Strengthens Facial Muscles
So keep kissing!

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