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Tackle life with all ur skills, overcome each and every hill. If u persist with all ur will, You’ll enjoy ur life and all its thrills. Gud Day!

As long as we have memories.. Yesterday remains
As long as we have Hope… Tomorrow Awaits
As long as we are in touch… Everyday is beautiful day..
Have a Good day

G-get up
O-open ur eyes
O-out of ur bed
D-day has risen
M-merry life
O-old dreams cum true
N-new frnds
I-ideas of life
N-nice future

I have no yesterdays,
Time took them away,
Tomorrow may not be mine,
But I have Today
So wish you my friend a very good day…

Someday somehow
Someday somehow whatever u prayed for will come true.
It may not be in the exact package u wanted
but it’ll b what God thinks is best for U.
Gud Day!

“Have a Great Day…”
There are two eternities

Having d Courage to say No to d Little Things In Life Will Give U
The Power to say YES to the BIG Things.
Good Day!

Those who joyfully leave everything in God’s hand will
eventually see God’s hand in everything.
Worries end where faith begins. Gud Day

With my 1 heart..
2 eyes..
5 litter blood
206 bones..
1.2 million red cells..
60 trillion D. N. A. S..
I wish u very GOOD DAY

smile is the electricity and
Life is a battery whenever
you smile the battery gets charges and
A beautiful day is activated So keep smiling …..
and have good day

Through each day our goal is to touch one’s heart; encourage one’s mind & inspire one’s soul. May u continually b blessed & b a blessing to others! Gud Day!

Hope you have nightmares, because it’s disappointing to wake from a dream but when you wake from a nightmare, you are relieved that it’s not true. Good Day

Life has its Ups n Downs. Sometimes the sun shines, sometimes the rain lashes, but then it takes both the Sun n Rain to make a Rainbow. Have a Great Day

Life gives answer in 3 ways… It says Yes & gives u what u want, it says no and gives u something better, it says wait and gives u the Best! Have a Gud Day.

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