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The single finger which wipes out tears during our failure is much better than the 10 fingers which comes together to clap for our victory ! Gud Day!

Someday, someone will come into your life
Love you the way you always wanted….
If your someday was yesterday, learn.
If your someday is tomorrow, hope.
If your someday is today, cherish!!!
Have a Great Day…!! !
Change is Constant

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If
you love what you are doing, you will be successful”.
Have a great day ahead…..

Today’s weather forecast:
DAY: bright sunshine
Night: full moon
TEMPERATURE: 101 degree
Soon it will be raining…
Have a Great Day.

Attention! Please all d passengers who r traveling in d dreams are requested 2 open their eyes v have landed safely in a beautiful day.Good Day to all.

“In Life
Failure is not
The Real End,
It Can B the Real
Beginning of Success”
Have a Gud Day

Confidence comes naturally with Success But, Success comes only to those, who are Confident So,Begin ur day with great confidence. HAVE A NICE DAY

These r the wonderful pairs in this world: Heart n Beats; Night n Moon; Birds n Songs; Roses and Love; You n Your smile. So keep smiling and have a nice day

We never have what we like, we never like what we have still we live, love n hope that some day we’ll get what we love or love what we have! That’s life. Have a nice day!

The sun rises into the sky with the warmest smile, he wishes you a good morning, hoping that you have the perfect day. Take care and enjoy the day.

Could you do me a favor? put your left hand over your right shoulder then your right hand to your left shoulder. there! I’ve just given you a morning hug…have a nice day

Focus on the future, not on the past because better days lie ahead.U are indeed a very special friend. Gud day.

Life is an echo; all comes back, the gud, the bad, the false, and the true. So, give the world the best u have & the best will come back to u. Have a Nice day.

The texts u send me night & day, like jewels in my heart they stay; And so 2 God I always pray the best of blessings be u’rs each day.
Have a Good Day………………

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