10 Sms Of God Bless

I ask God to bless yoU, to guide yoU, to keep yoU safe, to give yoU peace,
to give you joy & love all the time.

Once U find someone you really love,
try your hardest not to lose them,
so that you will never get the feeling of loneliness

DIL say nikli DUA hy HAMARI
ZINDAGI main mily aap ko KHUSHIAN sari
GHUM na de KHUDA aap ko kabi
Chahy to KHUSHYAN kam kar day HAMARI

Muskuraataa tayra jehaan rahay
Tayri hur mushkil Aasaan rahay
Tujhay urooj par lay jaye tera naseeeb
Tu zameeen par bun kay Aasmaan rahay,

With my
1 Hearttt…
2 eyez…
5 liters blood…
206 bonezz…
1.2 milion Red Cells…
60 trilion DNAs…
I wish you al da very blessssed day

Sumtimes we must b hurt in order to grow,
Sumtimes we must fail in order to no,
Sumtimes we must lose in order to gain
because sum lessons in life are best learned through pain.
Have a blessssed day !

Hapinesss as light as air.
Friends as solid as diamonds and success as as bright as gold.
these are my wishes for you today and every day…best blessed day

When you find a dream inside your heart,
Don’t ever let it go.
For dreams are the little seeds
From which beautiful tomorrows grow.”

On your new little one.
May you always be
as happy as you are today? And, for you & your new
baby we wish blessings
from GOD above.

Don’t work too hard to give yourself
The best of everything instead make a greater effort to give God the best of you.

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