Bless You SMS Wishes

Why Wish For
The Privilege Of Living
Your Past Left Again ??
You Can Begin A New
One Every Morning.

Stay Blessed

Nothing in nature is 4 itself, Rivers don’t drink their own water, Trees don’t eat their own fruit, Sun doesn’t give heat 4 itself, Flower don’t spread fragrance 4 themselves Living 4 others is the way of life…! Have A Blessed Day

Peace – white
Power – Red
Knowledge – Yellow
Development – green
Love – Pink
Success – Blue
I wish u these all colours come in u r life….!!

3 – 2 = one heart praying 4 you
1 + 1= two eyes looking for you
3+2= five sensesmissing you.
4+3= seven days in a week i desire you.
7+5= 12months asking god to bless you

“May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past”

may the angles protect u…may the sadness forget u … may goodness surround u and may devi always bless u.

Life cud b so bad. Situation might be so hard but the KNowledge that you have GOD is something that cheers you up.

Let Jesus guide you in all your plans, in all your dreams, in all your wish to happen in your life. God bless.

AS water drops of rain come down from sky to earth, SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS from GOD come down, if we come to GOD’s feet.

I ask God to bless you, to guide you, to keep you safe, to give you peace, to give u joy and love all d time. Take care.

i wish that milliion of lamps illuminate ur life wid endless joy, love, prosperity, health, wealth and hapiness forever.

As d sky breaks in to lovely sunrise may god open d heaven 2 shower u wid lots of luv n happiness 2 make ur day a blessed one.

“sunrise meks our mornings beautiful, but d words of GOD strengthen us & mek our lives more meaningful”. smile & enjoy life!

In prosperity, GOD tests our gratitude; in poverty, our contentment; in darkness, our faith; at all times our obidience! GOD Bless U!

The sweetest souls Who love, Cherish, Inspire & Protect the angel In you are your
Guardian angel … They are your Friends & family.

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shankar says:

thanks.. all collections are very nice…..

swati says:

All wishes r superb……….

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Michael says:

All r so nice

Raj Happy says:

thanxxx superb

Rebekah Crum says:

I wish I wish it is 1995

Sagar hile says:

Superb ……. Wishes

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