God Bless SMS

When Life Gets Difficult, When The Tasks Become
Tiring, When Your Heart Is Giving Up, Remember
That The SNAIL Got To Noah’s ark ….
Inch by inch! .. Good day

When Things Go Wrong…
When Sadness Fills Ur Heart…
When Tears Flow In Ur Eyes…Always Remember 3 Things
2—Ur Parents
3—My Sincere Prayers…..God Luck&God Bless U.

When U Face Problems In Life,
Don’t Ask God To Take Them Away.
Ask Him To Show His Purpose
Ask Ways How To Live A Day
Searching His Purpose For You.
God Bless And Very Best Of Luck!!!

When you find a dream inside your heart,
Don’t ever let it go…. For dreams are
The tiny seeds from which beautiful tomorrows grow.

With my
1 Hearttt…
2 eyez…
5 liters blood…
206 bonezz…
1.2 milion Red Cells…
60 trilion dnas…
I wish u Al da very blessssed day

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