Text Sms Of Get Well Soon

Y you chose this particular time 2 get sick,
Seems 2 us an insensitive choice.
So don’t b so selfish; dont b a sloth;
Come back so we all can rejuice!
We Miss u! Nd pray 4 u to get well soon

I reckon being ill as one of the great pleasures of life,
Provided one is not too ill and
Is not obliged to work till one is better. – Samuel Butler

You are feeling down
And so am i with u NOT around.
Hope you get back in
The swing of things real soon.

I wonder why u can always read a doctor’s bill & u can never read his prescription.

When u r all good & ready 2 kick 4 some action, do come & join us in da beach 2 watch da sunrise & sunset.

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