Funny SMS In English

If every child starts swapping their mummy papa mobile phones. Soon we will become the country with the highest divorce rate!

Laugh, until U have teeth.. U can Smile Later!!!

Awesome Saying:
In Life,Don’t Be A Rat In A Rat Race Coz Even If You Win You’ll Still Be A Rat, Instead Be With Lions, Even If You Lose You’ll Still Be A Lion!

What’s the similarity between Income Tax and a Caller Tune?

In both the cases, one pays the money and others enjoy.

Human-beings get rich as they grow old:
Silver in Hair;
Gold in Teeth;
Sugar in Blood;
Precious Stones in Kidney;
And a never ending supply of Gas!

I bought a new printer because it was cheaper than ink refills. Now I’m wondering how long before new cars are cheaper than fuel.

A newly wedded desperate soldier sends a hand-grenade to his mother-in-law, with a note:
Dearest Mom,
If you pull this ring, I’ll be able to get 3 days leave.

A teacher sent a note to Pappu’s mother:
“Sincere and bright boy but spends too much time with girls.” Pappu’s mother sent a note back: “Please advise solution, father has same problem!”

Bunty to his friend, “I and Sham were stuck on the escalator for almost 4 hours.
Friend: Why didn’t you walk down?
Bunty: Because we were going up!…………..

Bunty : The mudpack definitely improved my wife’s looks but then…
Sham : Then what happened?
Bunty : It fell off……………..

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