Friendship SMS

For me U r as… Chees 4 pizza.. Passport 4 visa… Butter 4 bread.. Ice 4 freezer.. Cream 4 cake… Water 4 lake.. Leaf 4 tree.. A FRIEND like u is 4 ever 4 me..!!

Sometimes i want to shout to the whole world how lucky i am to have you as my friend but sometimes i want to hush…afraid that somebody might take you away from me.

As I reach a time of complete uncertainty, friends are my most precious asset.”

Some memories can hurt, but with you by my side our friendship will survive”

A friend is someone who smile when you smile, laugh when you laugh, but hold your hand when you cry.”

Weathers are few but spring is good, Animals are many but butterfly is lovely, Flowers are too many but rose is beautiful, Foods are thousands but honey is sweet an Friends are much but u r the best!

If i die today, or even tomorrow i’ll have no regrets if you tell me you’re my friend”

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