You Are My Best Friend Messages

Life without friends is
(F)ull of doubt
Life with friends is
(L)ight n easy
(F)ull of hopes

Life without friendship is like the sky without sun.

Life without ur SMS is Tea W/o sugar, Coffee W/o milk, Bread W/o butter,Salad W/o onion, Candy W/o cream, Chicken W/o spice, Icecream W/o ice, ME W/o U!

Life’s lyk a novel. Mani chapters read and forgotten. But’s there’s one i wont 4get.. Its de chapters i met u and we became friends.. Take care..

Life’s short. If you don’t look around once in a while, you might miss it.

Lips Dnt join Wen we say LOVE,
That is a sign of distance,
But wen we say FRNDSHP lips join,
Tha is a sign of TOGETHRNESS

Listen and Silent are 2 words with same alphabet
& are very important 4 Friendship because
Only a friend can listen to u when u r Silent.
Happy Friendship Day

Little clown is living in my heart. Small and very special. It can dance and jump, laugh and sing. Are you in pain and you need to cry, come and borrow it

Will Become “lie’ if
There is no ‘F’ of
Friend: i’am lucky to
Get you My sweet frnd

Longest Love Is Mothers Love….
Shortest Love Is Others Love….
Sweetest Loves Is Lovers Love…
But Strongest Love Is Friends Love…
Ike U & Me……………………..

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