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Generally We Believe Our Memory Is Weak. But When We Want To Forget Someone A Lot, We Begin To Realize How Powerful Our Memory Is! Strange But True!.

Sometimes, I forget to say hi, Sometimes, I even miss to reply, Sometimes, my msg doesn’t reach u, But, it doesn’t mean that I forget u, I’m just giving u time to miss me!

The heart does not forget those special people for whom it cares, though daily struggle of life puts us bit apart, you are remembered always by this heart…

People live People die People Laugh People Cry Some give up Some will try Some say hi Some say bye
Others may forget you but never will I.

In My Life I learned How to Love, to Smile, to be Happy, to be Strong, to Work Hard, to be Honest, to be Faithful, to Forgive. But I couldn’t learn How to Stop REMEMBERING You…

Love is like a lump of gold Hard to get & difficult 2 hold Of all the girls I have ever met You are the one I cant forget I do believe that God above Created u for me to love He chose u from all the rest Because he knew I would love u best

We May Walk Side By Side Or Reside Miles Apart … But Someone Like You Will Always Be close to My Heart I Like You To Be With You Always ..!!! So Always Remember Me.

Forget the times he walked by, Forget the times he made you cry, Forget the times he spoke your name, Remember now your not the same. Forget the times he held your hand, Forget the sweet things if you can, Forget the times & don’t pretend, Remember now he’s just your friend.

Care is 1 main ingredient tht keeps closeness alive despite distance & schedule. Since I can’t always c u, let my care b with u 4ever & ever…

Distances do not matter when the memories are sweet and special people are no forgotten when deyforgotten when day remain in heart beats…

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