10 Sms Of Forget

‘Someday you’ll forget about me, …my name, …my voice, who I am & who I am to you… But even if you forget about me, I just wan u to know… I’ll never forget you…’

‘Ocean can dry Mountain can fly You can forget me But…never can I !!’ –

‘Do good and forget it as often we forget what someone does for us.’

‘God has given Eyes: To look at U. Hands: To pray for U. Mind: To remember U. Heart : To love U. And And Legs: To kick u if u 4get me’

‘I can 4 get a home I can 4 get a place I can 4 get a name I can 4 get a game I can 4 get even myself But 4getting u ? 4 get it’

‘When u make da finding yourself Even if u’re the last person on Earth 2 c the lite- u never 4get it.’

‘A water droplet on a greeny leaf appears like a pearl.datz way u also appeared & shines my life. so I never foget u through out my life.’

A Girl’s Heart Is Slower Than Turtle In Forgetting A Guy Whom She Loved But A Guy’s Eye Is Faster Than Google In Searching A Beautiful Girl In A Crowd …

Generally we believe our Memory is weak. But when we want to forget someone a Lot, We begin to realize how powerful our Memory is! Strange but True!.

Let all my smile be yours All your tears be mine, Let all my happiness be yours All your sadness be mine,
Let the whole world be yours, Only you be mine Do not forget me

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