Forget Text Messages

They Say Its Difficult 2 WAIT 4 Sm1!
They Say Its Difficult 2 FORGET Sm1!
D Most Difficult Thing Is 2 Decide Whether 2 WAIT Or 2 FORGET Sm1

Beautiful Friend & Beautiful thoughts r rare to find But I’m lucky to find such a beautiful Friend whose beautiful thoughts always fills My mind.So do not forget me plz.

I was on a ship thinking of you.wen i looked down i dropped a tear in the ocean.then i promised myself that until sum one finds it.i wont forget you.

People live People die
People Laugh People Cry
Some give up Some will try
Some say hi Some say bye
Others may forget you but never will I.

the world is strange n stranger we too,
time lead me here so i cud know u,
but the future is still uncertain,
who knows when it will begin,
the time may com when we will b apart,
but never mind friend because u will b in every beat of my heart

Only few caring hearts can easily identify
some little lies in your smile & some more
truth in your tears…
Never let them go from your life !!!

Sometimes one may fail to reply for our calls,
it doesn’t mean that they have forgot us..
it just mean that,
They don’t have enough time as we have for them…

Met you, became friends,
shared secrets, freaked out,
had fun, fought with you,
Laughed with you, Smiled with you,
Cried with you, Hurt you, Teased you,
And here I am, still thinking of you..
Long journey, huh!!?
And we shall never let it end, right?
Just wanted you to know
that my lovely friend, you are valued!!
So you must not forget me and me too.

Gone yet not forgotten,
Although we are apart,
Your spirit lives within me,
Forever in my heart.

Moon said to me,
if your friend is not messaging u why don’t you leave your friend.
I looked at moon and said,
does your sky ever leave u when u don’t shine.
So do not forget me…..

We may easily forget the people
with whom we laughed and enjoyed.
But we cant forget those people
with whom we cried and shared our feelings.
I miss U so much…

I don’t know why I’m so afraid to lose u when u r not even mine.
I don’t know why I love u so when u don’t even love me.
I don’t know why u r the one when I’m just a someone to u.
I want to say not to forget me.

When I was a kid, my mom told me that angels live in heaven…
Now I know that it is not true…
Because if angels live in heaven,
So my angel do not forget me……….

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