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In life, we have a lot to lose and very little to Choose. Whenever you get a chance to choose, do it wisely & see that you NEVER LOSE WAT you CHOOSE! Gud evening!

A nice quote n the fact. ‘closest relationship in the world have fought more battle than the enemies’. So, keep fighting with loved one… Gud evng!

Be a poet when your alone, be a king when you command, be a lover when someone loves you, B a scientist when you work, be history when you die, be a friend until I die. Gud evening… Have a nice evening. . .

The hardest thing of missing someone is not just their absence. It’s when you think of the memories shared with them n ask yourself won’t it ever happen again. Good Evening

Most of the things we desire are EXPENSIVE. But the truth is: The things That really satisfy us Are FREE: Love, joy, laughter & Good relations. good evening

(“,) EXCUSE ME! <))> / |_ The sunshine of your smile might chase d clouds 4m someone’s life day. So, keep smiling. good evening.

Life can be happier & stress less if we remember one simple thought: “We can’t have all that we desire, but God will give us all that we deserve” Have a good evening

We may easily forget d people with whom we laughed n enjoyed. But, we can’t forget those people with whom v cried n shared our feelings. It’s true. Gud evening!

Worries are like Moon. one day will increase, one day will decrease, other day may not be seen. So, Don’t Worry for Anything. Always Be cool. Good evening!

Being happy doesn’t mean everything’s perfect. It just means we have decided to see everything beyond the imperfections. Good evening!

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