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An evening is the pause button that gives you breather before you jump from one part of the day to another good evening.

Two thoughts that decide your attitude, ‘what you think yourself when you have nothing. And what you think of others when you have everything. Good evening!

That’s all for the day see you tomorrow hope you all enjoyed a lot have a nice day. Good evening!

Learn to appreciate what you have right now than lose it later with bitter regrets. Good evening!

Have a wonderful evening at work do not work too hard be blessed and I will keep you in my prayers love you.

Why sometimes being lonely makes people alone. Good evening!

Life is 5 star, Mother is top star, Father is king star, Teacher is Ultimate star, Lover is action star, But A friend is the, REAL STAR Good Evening!

CUTE is your NATURE, SWEET is your NAME, Close to my HEART you will always REMAIN, As PLANT wants WATER, FLOWER wants DEW, I want nothing but HAPPINESS for you… Good evening!

The best medicine in the world without any side effect is a ‘smiling face’. I will pray that this medicine must be always with you smile please… happy rainy evening!

Future is not something you await! It is something you must create! Plan your future in advance because that’s where you will spend the rest of your life! Good Evening!

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