Cool SMS

A new sun
A new day
A new sms
Asking u to
4get all ur
& tears
For some1
Who wants to see
U always happy

Smile for the ones you love…
A simple smile is all it takes to make one happy…
Love can come in many different ways, shapes n sizes …
But a simple smile will conquer everything …
And leave the best of us speechless …

Every moment of ur life is a picture which
U had never seen before and which u’ll never see again.
So enjoy n live life & make each moment beautiful.

Shortest word is i.
Sweetest word is love.
Cutest person is u.

If time doesn’t wait for you,
Don’t worry!
Just remove the battery from the clock
And enjoy life…!
Great people great thoughts

Do u know whats the meaning of family?

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