10 Cool SMS

You know who is the best couple in the world?
Smile & tears
Rarely , they r seen together but
When they combine its the best moment of ur life.

We love ourselves even after
Making so many mistakes.
Then how can we hate others
For their one mistakes.
Seems strange but true.

Superb lines From a person Who is lonely. I m not alone Bcoz Loneliness is always there with me

True friends are like mornings,
U cant have them the whole day,
But u can be sure,
They will be there when u wake up
Tomorrow, next year and forever.

Be simple but look stylish
Be tough but look soft
Be tensed but look cool
Be a beginner but look winner.
That’s the way of life
Life has no pause buttons!
Dreams have no expiry date!
Time has no holiday!
So, don’t waste a single moment in ur life.
Live it…!

Hey.. Listen .. Two people were asking me your details today.
I gave them your address and mobile number.
They will be visiting you soon.
Their names are joy & happiness.

In life when you get troubles,
Don’t get nervous…
Just close your eyes and follow ur heart…
Becoz heart may be in left….
But it is always right

Feeling of love
Moment of caring
Small small sharing
Stupid fights
Shoulder to cry
To be together in pain
Most beautiful thing called “love”

Near ones are not dear &
Dear ones are not near..
It is easy to remember the near ones
But very difficult to forget the dear ones.!!!

Life is all about 3 things.
Winning, loosing and sharing.
Winning others heart.
Loosing bad things.
Sharing happy moments.

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