Friendship SMS

A daily thought
A silent tear
A Constant wish
that u r near…
Words are few
but thoughts r deep…
Memories of our friendship
i will always keep

SWEETHEART, is a special word for LOVE,
LOVE, is special word for CARE,
CARE, is special word for FRIEND,
FRIEND, is special word for… ‘YOU”

Make a friend its a Gift !
Have a friend its a Grace !
Keep a friend its a Virtue but
Be a good friend its a honor !

How can U tell the rain not 2 fall
when clouds exist?
How can U tell the leaves not 2 fall
when wind exist?
How can U tell me not 2 fall in friendship
when U exist.

When u rise up,
Your friend know who you are.
When you fall down,
You know who your friend are.

Flower are many
But i like rose.
Friends are many
But I like u.

When it hurts to look back,
and you’re scared to look ahead,
you can look beside you
and your best friend will be there

Friendship is all about 3 things
Losing n
Winning your friends heart,
Losing your ego,
and Sharing joys and sorrows.

A triangle has 4 end,
square has 3 end,
segment has 2 end,
but our friendship has no end.

If u r a chocolate u r the sweetest,
if u r a Teddy Bear u r the most hugable,
If u are a Star u r the Brightest,
and since u r my ?FRIEND? u r the ?BEST?!

A Friend Is Someone
Who Knows The Song In Ur Heart
And Can Sing It Back To You,
When U Have Forgotten The Words..!!

Days r too busy,
hours r too fast,
sec r too few,
but there’s always time
for me to remember
a nice friend like u

True friends are like Diamonds…
they are real and rare.
False friends are like leaves…
they are scattered everywhere.

Friendship is a priceless gift,
That cannot be bought or sold.
But it’s value is far greater,
Than a mountain of gold.

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