Heart Broken SMS

You Can Love Me Or Hate Me, I Swear It Won’t Make Me Or Break Me.

The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.
One Day you will look back & think damn!! That Girl really did love me.

I trust cigratte more than a girl. It will damage my lungs but will never break my heart 😉

I Wil Remember Her Not As The One Who Broke My Heart, But As The One Who Taught Me
How To Love.

The Day Was The Last, The Day Was Gone, The Day Was Sad, The Day Made Me Mad, Cuz You Left My Heart.

When a person whom you trust, hurts you; Or The person whom you hurt, still trusts you? Just Think?..!

The most beautiful words by a wounded heart “I Never Stopped Loving You, I Just Stopped Showing It”..

The Pain Of Having A Broken Heart Is Not So Much As To Kill You, Yet Not So Little
As To Let You Live…….

IF you broke heart any one. one day your own heart will broke some one. Than you know the pain of broke heart.

I cannot love as I have loved, And yet I know not why; It is the one great woe of life To feel all feeling die.

“We pray 4 our Frnds. . .To get everythng. . . in their Life. . . Axcept a Broken Heart. . . Because It Hurts…”

It is Possible to Cross an Ocean Without Wetting Legs.But It is Impossible to Cross the Life Without Wetting Your Eyes.

Break My Heart, Destroy My Soul And Leave Me Crying. I’d Still Love You And I Don’t Expect You To Love Me In Return …

The Best Line I’ve Ever Come Across “The Heart Is The Only Broken Instrument That Works, Without Any Repairing For Years !!”

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34 Responses on “Heart Broken SMS”

nitin naik says:

relly the msgs are heart beating, very senasative very heart touching some of msges really made me to cry

beleive me..

Rajat Suryabanshi says:

Really this msgs are mindblowing.Thank U.

ravinder singh says:

very nice messages…..realy mindblowing….

Naveen says:

Awesome Msgs Thanks a lot

stephen says:

really a very beautiful messages given 2 somegirls wh cheats boyss….. very very nice quotes

Garusha says:

these msgs are related to my real lyf, thats why i like them

Amar kalburgi says:

Itz realy incridible

wiz king says:

Wow!terriying sms jst meant for me in my situation.thnks alot

p[ranav says:

bahu mast…i very very very much like it

kri$hh says:

dont trust anyone……………

pragya says:

these msgs r jst toooooo gud

paseka says:

Am very very sad

Mohammed Aamir says:

Really Awesome Quotes…….!!

Mast hai yar says:

Kash gam mit jata
umar katne se..
Hum yun udash na hote
zakhm na mit ne se..

juber durrani says:

true lines

kavita says:

U̶̲̥̅̊ jst love who love U̶̲̥̅̊

rinkaiishiE says:

damnTruE !! likEit :’)

ace thunder says:

dont trustgurlzzz…

chichi says:

trust only yourself

Pramod jha says:

really i found these masgs very good mostly this msgs are too good for them who have a broken heart like me.

Nisha says:


Vishant says:

Don’t trust in Love..

Rupali bansod says:

Heart touching….

Rupali bansod says:

Heart touching….
N true one

pardhu says:

nice sms

janet says:

Love dose nt exsist in life

ajoke says:

d one u think is d best are d bad one’s. never trust anyone hu u think u’re seeing as ur future cause they ruin someone’s life. {guys are not meant to be trust.}

pankhudi says:

all msgs rrockinggggggggg

Lonely Lover says:

10 years passed but it’s still same painful feelings. Kush Naseeb hai jinhe apna pyar mila par wo kya jaane gum ka maaza.

riyaz says:

excellent messages, really heart touching !!

Joydev mojumdar says:

Its rly awsm………!!!!!


Heart touching sms will help for expressing the sorrows that w’d come back the cheated one to right path.


Really the sms are heart touching & helpful for the society.

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