Break Up Messages

When people hurt you over and over,
think of them like sandpaper.
They may scratch and hurt you a bit,
but in the end..
You end up polished and they end up useless.

Touching lines by broken heart-
Sometimes I feel that waiting 4u
in my life is like waiting 4 bus
at a railway station..

IF you broke heart any one.
One day your own heart will broke some one.
Than you know the pain of broke heart.

Some battles have to be fought alone,
some paths have to be crossed alone,
so never be emotionally attached with anyone,
u never know when u have to walk alone….?

Love hurts when u breakup with some 1.
Hurts even more when some 1 breaks up with u
But love hurts the most when the person,
You love has no idea how u feel.

If sum1 cums in2 ur lyf n bcms a prt of u,
bt 4 sum rison she-he couldnt stay,
dnt cry 2 much..
Jus b glad tht ur paths crosd n sumhw s-he made u hapy evn 4 a wile.

I’m saying this to help all of you guys out there
Looking for the prefect break up quote.
Forget about the one who hurt you
And move on to better things….
He-she doesn’t deserve even your thought about him/her.
Move on
Trust me its easier.

If this is goodbye,
Don’t come back
If this is the end,
Don’t wake me up.

If i get scared,
Wld u hold me tight?
If i make a mistake,
Wld u make it rite?
If i build a fire,
Wld u watch over e flame?
If i say i miss u,
Wld u feel e same?

I thought you wouldn’t hurt me
I thought you were tired of seeing me cry
Well now, you won?t be able to
Because i’m gaining strength back
And i’m finally going to say goodbye

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3 Responses on “Break Up Messages”

Joydev mojumdar says:

Its make me cry yr its too gud Y da people breaks d heart

Joramso says:

I wazn?t heartless be4 but she made me start use my heart less

Joramso says:

Gud liness

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