Broken Heart SMS Text

Don’t ever regret your love… Bcoz one day she will find that she lost a diamond while she was busy in collecting more stones.

Nobody In The World Can Have A Crystal Clear Heart…!! Bcoz Everyone’s Heart Has Some Scratches Scribbled By Their Dear Ones.

Loving 100 Wrong persons may not even AFFECT ur life. But hating 1 right person Will leave U a Broken HEART Throughout.. Your LIFE

We Need Atleast 2 Things 2 Live In Life? 1 Heart 2 feel Luv & 1 Brain 2 Understand It. Otherwise We’ll Have Broken Hearts & Confused Minds.

When You’ve Loved Unconditionally One Person & Lost That Love, It Leaves A Wound That Never Heals, A Sad n Broken Heart, A Void Forever.

She broke his heart and yelled out to him “YOU HAVE NO LIFE, GO AWAY!” He stood there in agony, and whispered.. “but u r my life..” :'(

Every Person Around you is, Going to Hurt U at Some Point of Time.. But its upto U to Decide What is Important.. The Pain or the Person..!

Sometimes, i wish certain people wont tell me that they love me.. Do You know why?
so that i don’t waste my time believing their sweetest lies….

We Must Move From, Asking GOD To Take Care Of The Things That Are Breaking Our Hearts to Praying About. The Things That Are Breaking his Heart.

Some battles have to be fought alone, some paths have to be crossed alone, so never be emotionally attached with anyone, u never know when u have to walk alone?

Being Singal Is Cool No Worrying Abt Any1,No Obligations & Best Of All,No Heartaches
But U Know What? If U’ll Never Get Ur Heart Broken,U’ll Never Learn 2 Love.

Once in a lifetime someone breaks your heart, and if you still feel to hold that person with every broken piece, that amazing pain is called “TRUE LOVE!” =)

It Hurts when we risK our HEART & It ends Up Being Broken but What Hurts morE is when We S.T.I.L.L hold on when we already KnOw We Are waiting for Nothing =(

A Painful Phrase Written By A Boy Who Lost His Parents In Tsunami …
“Sea I Will Never Forgive You Even If Your Waves Touch My Feet Million Times…”

If u love sum1 donT keep him in your hearT! keep him on your nails! So if u fail in love, don’t breaK uR hearT! JusT cuT thE naiLs! That’s why girls keep long nails.

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dis site is absolutely very very fine now ” I ” can understand dat sumone is really there to understand not only my pain but d worlsz…….

Suraj says:

From these collections i can give the words to my feelings.

Dheeraj patil says:

Today I am sitting alone and thinking,

Why did you leave me alone?

giving me the pains which I do not own.
… … …
Why did you broke me into two,

without caring about me and listening me too.

Why did not you try to understand my feelings, my dear,

I am feeling so incomplete,

Just like the body without soul,

Just like the night without stars and moon.,

Just like a ship with a hole.

Please come back in my life,

i have forgotten to live it without you.

Just come and hold my hand,

as i am dying to meet you and missing you………:(:

zbanu says:


dont believe in love its all herts and tears and pains. only dreams.i will never ever love.

simple says:

very touchy

ankita says:


Puja Agarwal says:

?!?! Somewhere in d middle of those conversation..
i fell in luv wid u..!!
Being frm strangers to frnds..
Den frm gossips to sharing secrets..
Don’t knw wen i started to like u..
… Frm those arguments to fights..
frm those likes to dislikes..frm laughs to cries..
I did share many beautiful moments wid u..
Somewhere in middle of those conversation…i fell in luv wid u..
Don’t knw hw d time passed..
for hr our conversations used to last..
n today it has been ages we talked..
Nw u have girl by ur side..
tomorrow i would b someone else’s bride
So today i wanna tell u
Dis was sumthin i did,,,”hide”..
Yeah somewhere in d middle of those conversation…i fell in luv wid u..
N for d rest of ma life..i will cherish my relation wid u. .!?!

abdul says:

its just awesomr ,….

haneef says:

The time when u newly s step in LOVE ❤ u will n never look around u….. U just need care about your loved ones 24*7 …. U will be ready to do any thing which ur loved one demands… U don’t care that getting those things in good

sudip sarkar says:

Heart touching. …

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