Abbreviation Messages

S: Sets u free,
M: Makes u special,
I: Increases ur face value,
L: Lifts up ur spirits,
E: Erases all ur tensions,
So, please keep smiling.

H- appy Feelings

U- nlversallY warm and fuzzy

G- reaT to give and toreceive

S- ure to Make Anyone’S day

I hope this
Makes your Day Brighter

Do you know what does “HELLO” mean??

HELLO stands for

H: How are you?
E: Everything is fine?
L: Like to hear from you.
L: Love to see you soon.
O: Obviously, I miss you

Beautiful But Stupid

Basically Confidence of Mohabat

Beauty Broad & Active

Love 4 Leagal Boy

Perfect Healthy Dream girl..(!!< Posted By Aghasend This SMS There are 2 pages and you are at page number 1


B- Begin you day with.
L- Love in your heart.
E- Expect blessings.
S- Share goodness.
S- Shine like the sun.
I- Inspire some one.
N- Never forgot that.
G- God is with you all time.

It’s My Last Msg To U.
LAST bole tu..
L= Love U alwz
A= All time miss U
S= Save U in my heart,
T= True friend in my life.
So Don’t Wory n B Happy! ;->

Meaning of Love

L: Life
O: Opinion
V: Vision
E: End of life

What is the meaning of SMS?

It means
S – Sarderon ke
M – Mazak udane ki
S – Service

G: God
O: Offers us His
O: Outstanding
D: Devotion 2
M: Make us
O: Obedient &
R: Ready 4 a
N: New day 2
I: Initiate
N: New Aim 4 d
G: Glory of God

When U miss me just say: C.L.I.C.K
C=Can’t live without u.
L=Love U.
I=I miss U.
C=Care About U.
K=Kiss from my Heart to u
So, When U miss me just say:- (CLICK)

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