10 Text Sms Of Abbreviation

Pain Means…

P – Positive
A – Approach
I – In
N – Negative
S – Situation

With These ‘PAINS’ One Can Surely Win And Gain In This Life!

Meaning of Father…

F – Forever With His Family
A – Always There For You No Matter What
T – The Only One Who’s There
H – He’s My Hero Till The End
E – Encouraging In Everything I Do
R – Really The Only One

No One Can Beat Him He’s The Best!

Friends Means…

F – Field of Love
R – Root of Joy
I – Island of God
E – End of Sorrows
N – Name of Hope
D – Door of Understanding

SORRY Means…

Oh Don’t Be Confused, SORRY Means…

S – Some
O – One Is
R – Really
R – Remembering
Y – You

Friendship Means…

More Clear than Water,
More Pure than Gold,
More Sweet than Honey,

So Thank You for Sharing God’s Beautiful Gift With Me…

Meaning of Mother…


Smiling Means…

S – Sets You Free,
M – Makes You Special,
I – Increases Your Face Value,
L – Lifts Up Your Spirits,
E – Erases All Your Tensions,

So, Please Keep Smiling!

Hug Means…

H – Happy Feelings

U – Unlversally Warm and Fuzzy

G- Great To Give And Toreceive

I Hope This ‘HUG’ Makes Your Day Brighter!

HELLO Means…

H – How Are You?
E – Everything Is Fine?
L – Like To Hear From You
L – Love To See You Soon
O – Obviously, I Miss You

Cute But Stupid

B.COM – Basically Confidence of Mohabat

B.B.A – Beauty Broad & Active

L.L.B – Love 4 Leagal Boy

P.H.D – Perfect Healthy Dream Girl

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