10 Sms Of Happy Valentine’s Day

Fret not, if there is no love in this world, together we will make a new world for ourselves.

Happy Valentines! If I part with you then I’ll part with my own self. My every breath bears your name.

You are the only one who could understood every whisper of me. I am in love with you!

Love me because love may not exist; but I exist in case you need to be loved.

Down the road, my immortal love for you will never dwindle for any temptations.

If love has a tendency of sweeping people off their feet, I’m on cloud nine!

I live with no other thought than this: to love you and be loved by you.

The sound of darkness on banks of a river is beautiful
Your fingers wrapping around my shoulders are divine
May I live your love forever
Happy Valentine’s day my dear

This morning, I remembered you
This morning, I got your reply
You said, I live with you
You said, find me with in you.

Your eyes don’t need any tears
Your love doesn’t need any proof
Depth of your love is such
Ocean feel humbled & droll
Happy Valentine’s Day My Dear

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