Valentine’s Day SMS

Love says i love u
Crush says i like u
Hug says i want u
Smile says i need u
a true love says i care for u
and i will never leave u.
Be My Valentine Dear………….

Find ARMS that will HOLD u at ur WEAKEST
EYES that will SEE u at ur UGLIEST
HEART that will LOVE u at ur WORST
If u’ve found it, u’ve found LOVE

One day Friendship & Love met one-another.
Love asked Friendship –
“Why do You exist if I’m there?”
So Friendship said –
“To give a Smile to those eyes in which You leave Tears.”

How much will love cause you to cry!
It will make you forget the whole world.
It will increase your anxiety;
You won’t know one moment of peace.
What people become in love and from what!
Sometimes you come together only to be separated.
Why does this happen in love?

One day u will ask me:
What is more important to you,
me or your life?
I will say: my life?
You will walk away from me
without knowing that U R MY LIFE!!!

Valentines can do the math:
More than one is none.
Intimacy is intimate,
Else one must be alone.

My love for you is like water,
Falling countless…
The beating of my heart,
For you is so heavy and soundless,
The feeling of being in your arm is so
Precious and endless.

Sweet as a rose bud
bright as a star
cute as a kitten
that’s what u are.
bundles of joy sunshine
and fun you are everything
I Love all rolled into 1

In the morning,
sun gazes at me to make me happy…
Cool breeze hugs me to see my smile…
Birds sings to make me smile….
But my dear,
They don’t know that
my smile is incomplete until
I remember your face…
Happy Valentines Day

If i had the letters “HRT”
and i could add “EA” and get “HEART”
or add “U” and get “HURT”,
I’d rather have “U” and get “HURT”
than have a “HEART” without “U” .

You are so special to me,
you’re my joy, my love, and my life.
Living without you will tear me apart
cause you make my life worth living.
So be my Valentine sweety……..

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