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SMS For Life

All fingers are not same in length,but when they bend .all stand equal. life becomes very easy wen we bend and adjust to situation.

Every problem is like a big door.Surely there is a solution like a small key which can open it easily.Find the key.Life is simple.

Nothing can be changed by changing the face….
but everything can be changed by facing the change…..!!!!
so go ahead and life is yours…..!!

Thought for the life:
“Don’t decrease your goal to the extent of your ability.
Increase your ability to the extent of your goal”…

The biggest fact of life:”You are remembered only when u r needed” As it goes in the saying “A candle comes to mind only during power cut” Very true but fact…

Theory of life if you want to enjoy always think today is the first day but if u want to achieve sum thing always thing today is the last day.

Life is like flute!
May have several holes and emptiness
But if we work on it,the same flute produces magical melodies,
Think positive It makes wonder.

Utilize 5 chances b4 5 stages in life.
– Youth b4 old age.
– Health b4 disease.
– Wealth b4 poverty.
– Free time b4 work.
– Life b4 death.

Nothing is old, nothing is new..
It just a matter of point of view..
Enjoy life as happy days r few..
Coz if life is an ocean then happy moments are like dew.. 🙂

Life is beauty full admire it, life is a duty, complete it. life is a struggle, accept it. life is a challenge, meet it, life is what you make it, so start today.

Life SMS Collection

Don’t expect anything from life,expectations hurt.
When u don’t expect,every moment is a surprise & surprise brings happiness with it..

Each moment of your life is a picture which you had never seen before and which you will never see again.So enjoy and live life and make each moment beautiful.

Remember in life,people may be better than you,people may be worst than you,but no one as you,stay special.

90% problem of life r due to tone of voice. it is not so important what we say, but it matters a lot how we say it.

Life itself cannot give us happiness unless we rally wish for it. Life just give us time and space . Its up to , how we fill with great moments..

Time can make us forget
some memories, but there would be some memories which can make us forget the time nd those make the life worthwhile.

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things, that you missed to Enjoy !!

Life is very short. So break silly rules,Forgive quickly..Believe slowly..Love truly..Laugh loudly and Never avoid any thing that makes U smile.!!!

Life is not a Rehearsal. Each day is a New Show. No Repeat, No Rewind. So Give Ur Best Shot in all ur Worthy Act as d Show Must Go on & on….!

In Life We Sometimes Feel That All Doors are Now Closed 4 Us If That Happens In ur Life, Remember These Words- A CLOSED DOOR ISN’T ALWAYS LOCKED…!

Life Messages

Life is some what like this:-just when we get all the answers of life..
life changes the question. THAT IS LIFE

Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime

Everyone’s Watch shows DIFFERENT time from Others.
Every One BELIEVE that their time is CORRECT.
That’s LIFE.

Time Makes Us
Forget Some People
Some People Makes Us
Forget Time
Such People Become
Our Life … (:

Hearing with your heart, seeing with your soul, be guided by the hands that you can’t hold and trusting even if you cannot see…that’s what FAITH must be.

We realize the value of life increases only after it is lost……..
eg:- Alive chicken 60 rs….
chicken tandoori 280 rs….

Take a lot of time to improve yourself, then obviously there will be no time to criticize others.

Thought of LIFETIME-
Don’t complain about others: adjust urself!
It is easier 2wear slippers
than , 2 carpet the earth…

Paint your heart with love.
Fill your mind with peace.
Cover your soul with joy.
Wrap your dreams with hope.
Enjoy your life with confidence.

Truth of life –
Mother`s tears hit your heart and wife`s tears hit your pocket.

Life Text SMS

The meaning of life resides in joy and the feelings of harmony connected to happiness; without happiness, life loses meaning. Happiness is at the heart of our lives

Life doesn’t provide warranties and guarantees.It only provides possibilities and opportunities,don’t miss them.Make the best of it.

Every experience brings out something good. Good time become good memories, Bad time become gud lessons. We never lose, We only gain from life…!!

~*~Fact of The Life~*~
A THIRD person never CREATES any MISUNDERSTANDING between TWO people.

“We can forget the life which we lived before, but it is very painful to forget the life which we are dreaming to live”

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle,
and the life of the candle will not be shortened. . .
Happiness never decreases by being shared. . .

Life is a Chemistry
Just dilute ur Sorrows Evaporate ur Worries
Filter ur Mistake,
Boil ur Ego &
u will get Clear Crystals
of happiness.

Life Is a Football Game,And V R D Footballs, Never Mind The Kicks Of People Because Without Kicks We May Not Reach The Goal…(:

Everyone will not get everything,
This is the RULE of LIFE,
Don’t try to get which is not yours.
But don’t dare to loose which is yours..!

Life is a blank page
Each friend hold a pen & writes their own story in everyone life!
thank for covering some wonderful pages in life…!!

Life SMS

Life has no rewind no forwards..
It unfold itself at its own pace.
So never miss chance to live today to make a BEAUTIFUL STORY 4 tomorrow…!

For a moment,life could be still,But never in lifetime,can a moment be still.Live every moment !

Silence is the fence around wisdom!!
If your foot slips,
You can always regain your balance..
But if your tongue slips,
You can never recall the words…

Life’s most deepest feelings are often express in silence……
And the one who can read volumes from your silence is your true friend…!

Every Test in life makes us Bitter or Better.
Every Problem comes to Make Us or Break Us.
Choice is ours,
Whether Become Victim or Victor.

The only gracious way to accept an Insult is to ignore it,
if you cant ignore it,top it,
if you cant top it,
laugh at it,
if you can’t laugh at it,
u probably Deserve it”

Two Thoughts that decide your Attitude…
“What you Think of YOURSELF
When You Have NOTHING.”
“What You Think of OTHERS
When You Have EVERYTHING….”

Keep Correcting your Little Mistakes throughout your life….. !!!
Because Nobody Slips down by Hills…..!!!
But just Slips by Little Stones…!!!

Let Us Not Worry
About The Future
Let Us Only Do
The Right Thing
Today, At This Moment
Here & Now
Let The Future Take Care Of Itself

Don’t make life too Stressful.
Always find Time & reason to Laugh,
Bcoz it may not add years to Your life,
But surly adds more life to your years.