Propose Day Text Sms

Happy Propose Day: You are like the sunshine so warm, You are like sugar, So sweet you are like you and that’s the reason why I love you.
Happy Propose Day

Are you free for the rest of your life? Happy Propose Day!

Your unique, your caring and your the best. And I am the luckiest to have you in my life. Happy Propose Day My Sweet Heart!

Love is a gift. If you receive it, open and appreciate it. If not, don’t worry. Someone somewhere is still wrapping it for you… Happy Propose Day!

I love you, will you marry me?
Happy Propose Day

I have one problem, can you tell me the solution? I am not getting proper way to propose you. I am not kidding. I am serious. Happy Propose Day!

Your eyes are beautiful. Your kiss is amazing. You take me away to a place like this. A place only you and I know of, A place of happiness and serenity. We can lay on the shores, me wrapped in your arms. I am forever entranced in your love.
Happy Propose Day

No poem no fancy word. I just want to world to know that I love you will all my heart. Happy Propose Day!

Your amazing just the way you are <3 Happy Propose Day!

When I hear you, my heart soars high. When I see you, I know the reason why. So let me hold your hand, make you mine. Love You – Happy Propose Day!

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