Happy Propose Day Text Sms

Having You by my side is what completes me. Want to spend rest of life with her? Propose her with this Happy Propose Day!

If you love someone, if it because of her eyes or lips her great looks it’s not love. If it’s because of her intelligence or insight about her life it’s not love, its admiration.If it’s because she cries every time you try to leave it’s not love,Love is when you don’t know why you are attracted to a person. Love has no reason and that reason is still unknown…
Happy Propose Day

You’re love gives me so many reasons why I could put a big smile on my face everyday i wake up in the morning, god created you to be the man that could change the whole me.
Happy Propose Day

When I dream,I dream of you may be one day,dreams will come true.Love U!!Happy Propose Day!
Happy Propose Day

Always remember how beautiful god adds one more day in your life, not because you need it, but because someone else needs you…
Happy Propose Day

Love is like a cloud. Love is like a dream. Love is one word and everything in between.Love is a fairytale come true Coz I found Love when I found You. Happy Propose Day!

Love Is A Gift,If U Receive It,Open & Appreciate It..If Not,Don’t Worry..Someone where Is Still Wrapping It For You… Happy Propose Day…

I have one problem,Can you tell me the solution? I am not getting proper way to… Propose You. I am not kidding. I am serious.
Happy Propose Day

If I Found You Alone, Will Propose You.. If I Found Life 7 Times Will Be With You If I Reached 4 Your Hand, Will You Hold It..If I Hold Out My Arms, Will You Hug Me..If I Go For Your Lips, Will You Kiss Me.If I Capture Your Heart, will you love me. Happy Propose Day!

Your Eyes Are Like The Blue Ocean, Your Lips Are Like The Sweetest Part Of Nature. I Want To Be With You All The Time. Happy Propose Day My Love

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