Praise SMS Messages

May ur heart be happy and ur days be bright.
May ur roads be smooth and ur burdens light.
May you find dreams and touch a star and never forget how Special You Are.

I never?..
Need 2 See The
Sun Again?
There Enough
Light In Ur Eyes
To Light up All The

Really Smart One:
I May Not Always Love The One Who Loves Me…
I Surely Do Respect Their Choice… 🙂

Someone Special.
Someone Innocent.
Someone Nice.
Someone Cool.
Someone Sweet.
Someone Cute.
Someone Intelligent.
Why Always


ME, ME & ME? 🙂

Enter ur name
Downloading data……
Please wait!
The Name Entered Can Not Be Found In Human Data Base
HINT: Try “ANGELS” in The Search Space For Better Result…

Sweet things are easy to Buy
Sweet words are easy to Say
But sweet people like YOU are very difficult to find
May your whole life be as Sweet as YOU.

A rupee is easy to earn,
a friend is hard to find.
A rupee loses its value,
a friend increases its worth.
I lost a rupee when I SMS You but who cares.
I got a friend like You.

This Morning I Got A Call From Heaven
They Said They Were Missing An Angel,
Don’t Worry I Won’t Tell Them You Are Here…

The Star Has 5 Sides:-
1.Is Ur Smile,
2.Is Ur Charm,
3.Is Ur Looks,
4.Is Ur Intelligence,
5.Is Ur Friendship,
Thanks For Being My STAR…

Anything in any way beautiful derives its
beauty from itself and asks nothing beyond itself.
Praise is no part of it,
For nothing is made worse or better by praise.

You are my dream in my sleep.
You are my vision in my eye.
You are my smile on my lips.
You are beat of my heart.
You are Angel in my prayer.
You are light of my life.

God created you from the finest materials
like star for ur eyes,
Moon for your face,
Milk for your skin,
Pearl for your tooth,
Rose for your lips,
And Lotus for your cheeks.

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4 Responses on “Praise SMS Messages”

Rohitesh says:

its just so beautiful!!!!thanx for the post mate!!!

skibu ua says:

i would say its interesting & nice!!!

okolison says:

the power of love between me and you is the greatest love of all…..

ARAFAT says:

nice sms thanks…

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