Miss You Romantic SMS

I miss you.
I miss all of the caring
things you do,
and spending the evening
alone with you.Missing You………..

(I MISS U)are 3 words,
But take 3 seconds to read,
3minutes to think,
3 hours to understand,
3days to demonstrate,
3weeks to explain and whole life to prove it!!!!!

I miss you so,
here around me,
so many people,
but yet so alone.
I miss your lips,
your lovely smile,
I miss you each day more and more

9 / 3
In every Hour
In every Minute
In every Second of My wrist watch
I Miss U

U are TOO far away 4rm me,
that why I have to shout:
I M-I-I-I-I-S-S-S-S Y-O-O-U-U! did u hear that?

I Miss you

i cant hide it 4rm u anymore I don’t want to hurt u I feel its best
to tell u
before u hear it from someone else
its a lie that i miss u
really i just feel u as a part of myself

Press down if you miss me
So U Miss Me
OK You Can Stop
Still Pressing
Well, I miss you too.

Watch out!
Defend yourself!
. . .
I warned U!
You’ve just been strongly attacked by 1,000,000 of tightest hugs.
miss u dear

Delete Message?
no Wait!
I wanna say something that’s only 4 you

I Miss you

i miss u.
i m without u like sky without stars;
like flower without fragrance;
like a heart without feelings

Days are too Busy;
Hours are too Few;
Seconds are too Fast,
but there is always time for me to ask:
How R U? n Hope u r FINE. MISS U!

Do u know,
what i say,
what i think,
what i feel,
what i wish,
U want to know?

There”s no Special reason for this msg,
I just wanna steal a single moment out of ur busy life
& hope I can make u smile n say: I Miss U.

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14 Responses on “Miss You Romantic SMS”

mubeen says:

nice its really helps

santhu says:

its feel gud when we ar reading our own feelings

Valentino says:

Luving u till d end of d world

Karthika says:

Very very nice SMS

riz says:

good one!!!:)

Gulasal says:

I liked them so much. thanks

Vuyoh says:

I feel very happy whem im reading ur smss

irfan says:

its really gives good feeling and smile when v read our own thoghts. Thanks

Aarshi says:

so nice

Arnav Ghosh says:

Nice one dude….reallly I liked it very much …..

Sathish says:

Thank q for these beautiful collection

Prabhash says:


nishi.coorg says:

feeling good… m totally inspired

OMKAR says:

Very nice msg

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