Good Text Messages Of Love

The night was dark and in the distance I saw two bright gems sparkling. I came closer to pick them up and found you; and those two gems were your eyes twinkling.

If you are planning to come in my dreams do tell me, I will wear makeup because I don’t look good without it.

Love birds say falling in love is the best feeling a person can encounter. I am willing to fall in love, even if it breaks my knees.

Falling in love looks good till there is someone down there to catch you.

Many lovers ardently follow the phrase ‘everything is fair in love and war’. Just look at them, they try so hard to win the other person’s heart, it seems as if they are at war.

True love is like good wine. Both mature with age.

Falling in love is good. It keeps you company in your old age.

Love is a great experience until the hangover wears off.

Love can happen at first sight but the wise will always give it a second look.

Go ahead and fall in love; mistakes don’t cost a dime!

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