Good Night SMS Text Messages

Somewhere Out
There Beneath The
Pale Moon Light
Someone Thinking Of
U somewhere Out
There Where Dreams
Come True…
Good Night
Sweet Dreams 2 U … 🙁

Nite Is Designed
2 End d Worries & Fears
Of d Day
It Signifies 2 Leave It All
To GOD & Prepare 4
Another Day To Come
Have A Peaceful Night
A Blessed 2morrow

Once The Moon Winks
At You Tonight
I Wish Sweet Dreams
Embrace You Tight
Hope Your Day Was
Quite All Right
Now I Bid You A
Lovely Good Night … 🙂

You Are Never Given
A Dreams Without Also
Being Given The
Power To Make It
So Dream Big & You
Will Have What You
Want …
Good Night … =)

Stars light Stars bright
Stars light Stars bright you’re the only Star I see tonight. I wish I may. I wish I might be there guarding Ur dreams tonight, gud nite sweet dreams

If you’re awake, goodnight my
If you’re awake, goodnight my sweet darling and if u just woke up, good morning honey. Love u so much.

Welcome aboard2 “Sweet Dreams
Welcome aboard2 “Sweet Dreams” airline, all passengers on bed, hug Ur pillows as the flight will be leaving soon 2dream land. Enjoy Ur time 😉 Good NIGHT!

As the sun goes beyond the mountains it spells a day,& it takes the sun to be faithful for you to conclude that it is a day.and you can only conclude if you are alive,thank God you are”GOOD NIGHT”

Good night
G=Go 2 bed
O=Of the light
O=Out of tension
D=Dreams come
N=Nice dream
I=Ignore sorry
G=Get up
H=Have a nice day

On this cold cold night,in My small small Room,i Look At The Bright Bright Stars in the Dark Dark sky & Dream of Your sweet sweet Smile on Ur Cute Cute Fae!
Good night sweet dreams!……

hi,Moon!DIM Ur lite
breeze slowly!
hi flower!
blossom slowly
hello earth!
spin gently!
b’coz a lovely person my friend is going 2 sleep

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