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7 Rules to be happy in life:-
1) Never hate,
2) Don’t worry,
3) Live simple
4) Expect a little,
5) Give a lot,
6) Always smile,
7) And keep in touch with GOD.

Love yourself,
Flirt with ur understanding,
Romance with dreams,
Get engaged with simplicity,
Marry genuineness,
Divorce the ego…
That’s Good Life…

Never break 4 things in life.
It never sounds when it breaks but pains a lot.

Life’s like a movie!
If u r sad- DRAMA,
If u r afraid- SUSPENSE,
If u r angry- ACTION,
If u look in mirror- COMEDY!
Now u r smiling!
That’s- HORROR!! 😉

Life is like a piano.
White keys are happy moments
Black keys are sad moments.
But remember both keys are
played together to give sweet music.

“Born with the personality is an Accident.
To die as a ‘Personality is an Achievement’..
Achieve the best in your Life !!

Life is a game,
play it;
Life is a challenge,
meet it;
Life is an opportunity,
capture it.
In life, the best revenge is living.

My life means a lot to me.
Not because i love my life,
but b’coz i love the people in my life.
the world says they are friends,but i call them my world..

The worlds most happiest person never gets all the best things around him,
He just makes, “The best of what he gets”.
so makes the best of life…

Life doesn’t make you or break you..
Its our own mentality that decides..
“never hesitate,
never feel low,
wear a smile and steal the show” 🙂

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Abdul razzy says:

Life is a story to tell

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